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Just got my little moth buddy.This game is so cute! :3

I'm glad you're enjoying the game, Jessica! :D

Thanks,I love it! <3 

Hey, I noticed this isn't compatible with with the Itch app currently. Are there plans to make is so? Also, whoever is your artist, kudos. I haven't had a chance to play yet, but I bought the game base don the strength of its art alone.


Hi! Yes, the game was harder and confusing to update through the itch app, and updating it caused it to take a while opening and such. We'll look into it once in the future, as we're not completely sure how the itch app works for the moment. Sorry for the inconveniences!

And we're glad you like the artist! The lead dev Shepple was in charge of the art direction and most of the graphics, I helped with CGs and some graphics here and there. Thank you for the lovely compliment, and we hope you have fun!

I'm looking forward to having the time to play it!

Deleted post

Hi! I've emailed you to the email in your username (due to security reasons), regarding this issue. Please check your email inbox!

Hello, I have pretty much 100%'d the game, or so I think, there's this hook and lever in the cirruwa entrance I still have no idea what to do with, is it supposed to be inaccessible?

Hi, you have to access the lever by jumping over the fence with Rex, which is currently not possible due to a tiny bug, and then use the Hook Skill to get a secret weapon for the Hook Skill character.  The fence will be fixed in the next patch, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Hey can someone help me I'm on mac and can't save it 

Hi! It's because sometimes mac has troubles reading/writing the folder, just try putting the game folder somewhere where your mac can read it well, like the Desktop!

So I checked twitter again, but I can't find any link to the soundtrack from harmonicblend. Their website doesn't seem to be working properly, either. is anything happening on your front or is that entirely on them?

Same here! I love this game's OST and can't wait to listen to all my favorite tracks, I hope a link is provided soon! >u<


We're very happy you're excited about the OST!! We will make an announcement when the OST comes out, hopefully soon :]

Hello! We haven't released the OST yet, it'll come out when the game is released on Steam. We will be making an announcement when that happens though!

Regarding the harmonicblend website, the issue is on their end. The OST will be available at their bandcamp, or as a bundle with the game on Steam

Hey^^, if I buy the game here instead of waiting for the steam version do we have to manually patch the game each time it gets an update?

Yes, you'll have to update it manually. Although, for now, the next patch (v1.10) will come out when we release the Steam version!


Hey guys, was just wondering if there was any chance of a Linux release?


Hi! We're going to look into it, we have plans for it!


Awesome :D I'll totally pick this up when there is a port.

Count me in for a purchase if a Linux version is made.

It's in the works :] thank you!


Hi, I would love to play the game right now but I'd also like to have it on Steam when it launches there. Do you plan to offer free Steam keys to those who bought your title here on Thanks!


Hi! If I recall correctly, I believe we have plans to add the option of Steam codes for the people who already bought it on, yes :]

I decided to play the demo of the game to get a feel of it and i'm loving it so far, but there seems to be a problem with saving when using a mac

Hi! It's because sometimes mac has troubles reading/writing the folder, just try putting the game folder somewhere where your mac can read it well, like the Desktop! We're very glad you're loving it!


thanks! game works fine now, plan to buy it when it comes out on steam.

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You know, I think I've figured out why so many folks are having trouble with the Sun Path/Moon Path switch puzzle: there exists a completely reasonable interpretation of the puzzle whereby the little goat dude who tells you the solution is lying to you.

He says, I quote: "Didja know the Sun Path and the Moon Path are mirror images of each other?"

If that was actually the case, supposing that the fixed switches were in the following positions:

A: / \ \ / \ / \

... then one might expect the solution to be:

B: / \ / \ / / \

Except it's not. The *actual* solution is:

C: \ / \ / \ \ /

(I just verified this against my own save file, which is where I got sequences A and C from.)

As we see here, only the order of the switches is inverted in the true solution. The problem is that the way the goat dude phrases the hint has two equally plausible but mutually exclusive interpretations: a visual mirroring, such that the solution is a literal mirror image of original sequence, as in solution B; and a semantic mirroring, such that the symbols that comprise the solution are put in reverse order, as in solution C.

I'm guessing the reason folks are running into a wall is that B is the more intuitive interpretation for a lot of people.

Hi!! Thank you for bringing this up, it was certainly odd  seeing all the people getting confused over this puzzle; I reproduced it last night and you're definitely right. Thanks for bringing this to our attention,  we'll talk and look into this issue and fix in the next patch, since I (personally) believe visual mirroring is a way more reasonable interpretation than the mirrored input. I'm glad this was cleared out since it bugged me all night yesterday. Thanks one third time!! :]

So I've been loving this game so far... I just finished Snowver and I'm looking for the grate... but I can't find it anywhere! I'm thinking maybe it's in the second screen after the dock where "Woman" tells me the cave is too dangerous because it's full of Mogs. Please help!

Hi! We're happy you're enjoying the game so far! The sewers grate in Snowver can be found right above the Supply Shop, its on the the right! If you find the Smallmart/Shop, the grate is right above it.

I'm super interested in buying this game, I love the art and characters already but I would prefer to buy games like these on steam. Do you plan on selling this on steam in the future?

Hi! Yes, we're currently preparing for a Steam release. We will announce the release date here and on Twitter @CHUMBOSOFT :] Thank you for the interest!

Hey! I've been loving heartbeat so far. I've run into a little bit of trouble in the grotto area though, and I'm not sure if it's a bug or if I'm just being dumb? In the second area, I've hit the switch...and I'm not too sure what to do next. I've been wandering around for a while now and can't find any way to lower the bars at the lower area or to the right, and there doesn't seem to be anything else I can interact with. Can't see anything with Stolas vision either(If there's a walkthrough someone could direct me towards, that'd be a big help).

Hi!  I apologize for the late reply, Im not on my computer at the moment, but if you have tried looking around with Luca vision, then i assume you haven't tried ramming into the Tree in that one cave with the lil tiny oni trying to grab their shoes off the tree?

Let me know if that helps you :] once again, sorry for the late reply!

OOH i see! Thank you, I'd just tried interacting with it,, hadn't thought of that!

(Trying to avoid mentioning spoilers while asking a question, LOL.) While I was doing what I presume is the final fight, the dragon reached 0 HP but the battle kept going. Is this a bug or is there a specific thing you need to do in order to end the fight?

It's a scripted battle, you shouldn't be able to win, but there's a chance of stunning the boss, making it so the fight won't end. It's a bug and mistake on our end, It'll be fixed in v.1.1! For now please try the fight again, the story should continue when the dragon beats you :]

Oh, that makes a ton of sense! I did stun it...multiple times, LOL. Thanks so much for the quick response!

Typo when learning Song of the Sea from Zheng: Pike is spelled "Pikr"

Thank you, Canama! We've spotted this one and it'll be fixed in the next version :]

Io's "Grill Flame" ability can't be used out of battle. Is this intended behavior?

Yes, that's intended :]

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Hi! Hope it's fine to report a bug here! I think I might have stumbled upon one with the endings. I was trying to get Ending C (got endings D and B so far), so I retried the whole route to ending B a couple times before going for the good endings to try out if I could get different outcomes. I kept getting ending B, so I decided to go to the castle without picking up Klein again... but upon entering, the scene to ending B played, with Klein showing up in the party afterwards and all. (Might be a switch or something that hasn't resetted from the last routes... will be retrying from an old save in the meantime!)

Regardless, I've been enjoying the game a lot!! I love all the characters (especially Yorshk...! And Nyx!) and I feel like I'm 10 again and playing my childhood games! Thank you so much for your hard work and for this wonderful game!! Best birthday present I've ever given to myself. :')

Hi! We're sorry you had to deal with that mess of switches and endings. Well look inyo it though! Please let us know which version you have in the meantime, and if you'd like your game fixed/have any other issues or questions , you can DM us your save / contact us on the Discord server !

We're also really happy youve been enjoying the game!! I'm personally glad we were able to transmit that old school RPG feeling :] thank you for buying the game, your support and words of encouragement really keep us going! And happy belated birthday :D

I'm pretty sure I got all of the clusters before heading into the Den, but now I'm stuck with Klein being mindcontrolled and it seems like I can only get ending B or C? :( Is it too late for me to get a better ending? I don't think I have any saves far back enough unless there's somewhere else I can go before the castle...

If Choi told you there were no clusters left and gave you all the rewards, then you are able to get the Good ending. 

Regarding mindcontrolled Klein, don't go into the Castle yet if you don't have Klein! Go East of the Den Capital (The map where the castle entrance is, to the right) and retrieve her. Not going there for her gives you the Bad Klein endings. Once you get her back, you're able to get  Good end, Neutral end (which will play if you have Choi's rewards), or Bad end (if you didn't get Choi's rewards). 

The game will prompt you to go back to beat the remaining clusters/get Choi's rewards if you get the bad end.

Here's something odd I noticed while playing this (Not sure if it's working as intended or not):

When you get a one-turn buff from an ally (ex: When Mott transforms into Troz and their T.Action gives the party a DEF/MDF buff) the effect disappears after you act - which means, if you're faster than the enemy, the buff does nothing.

A similar thing happens when the Kitsune enemies cast "Trick" on themselves. If they're the last to act, their status effect disappears at the end of the turn without doing anything, because everyone else attacked earlier.

So, is this how it's supposed to work?


Hi! We're currently trying to fix stat stuff because a lot of them are wonky like that, unfortunately. Thanks for reporting this to us though, your feedback is appreciated!

I plan on getting this game once it goes to steam :)

Thank you Ryan! We're currently preparing for it :]

Truth be told i would get it from here but.

1. I like my games in one place.


2.I use pre paid cards and cash for most of the stuff i buy just to be safe you never know with them sneaky hackers :)

Has anyone had their anti-virus software tells you about how the game.exe file is a FileRepMalware?

Hi! Might I ask what antivirus you're using? It must be a false positive, some antivirus programs tend to do that with RM games. Rest assured, the game is virus free :]

I am using Avast Internet Security and I was also thinking it was a false positive . I have already  notified  them through the application.

I see, thank you, kumaguma! It seems its quite normal for RPG Maker games to be listed as false positives; quoting from a post in the RPGM web's forum: "There is little technical differences in the commands for an infected website wrongly trying to save its virus locally, and a local HTML-based program to write its own data. That is why a lot of antivirus programs get a false positive". 

For the moment, you can whitelist the folder from your antivirus settings and play without any worry :]

Hello! I was wondering whether this game will come to steam in the future. Are there any plans of releasing HeartBeat to steam?

Hi! Yes, the Steam version will be announced at a later date. We're currently preparing for it.

Thank you Sil! I'll definitely buy  the steam version.

We're working to add more cool stuff! Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy it once it comes to Steam :]

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Is there a way for me to go back and have party members rejoin? I'm currently in what I assume to be near endgame, as I got Ending B; but what I can only assume to be what I need to do to get the good ending, are locked behind obstacles that are for characters no longer in my party. Am I just being impatient, or are there some puzzles that are lost forever but just not important?

Hi! In order to get the Good ending, you have to beat all the red-eyed clusters, which are all accessible with just Eve ( as in, you can reach them with any party member); Choi will tell you which ones you're missing and give you rewards after you beat them.

Regarding the areas locked behind obstacles, they're part of a sidequest. You will be able to get back party members post-game and finish the sidequest then :]

I feel pretty dumb about this, but is the timing with the switch puzzle in Froxeter Forest supposed to be so tight? If I use chip and try to charge up the gates slam shut on me, but if I don't there's no way to make the last switch it seems like. I swear there has to be something I'm missing.

Hi! As soon as Chip crashes against the switch, press the Skill Button again, and while she's revving up, change the direction she's facing with the directional buttons.  Let me know if you have any other issues!

I found a error when you get hit by the moving spike blocks in the den it says you lose 50 beat but you lose 50 pulse

(1 edit)

Hi! It should be fixed in one of the latest patches, but we just checked and there's one spike in particular that hadn't been fixed haha ^<^ Thanks for letting us know!!


Uh, bug report for the Zheng's DNA shop, I guess?

So this only happens if I pick the move "oni chomp", but once I do, it locks out one option on every menu. In this case, I didn't have enough DNA fragments, and it locked out the "no" option, which means that i can't exit this menu without exiting the game.

Thankfully, i have backup saves, but for anyone who's using Zheng's DNA shop, be careful with the "oni chomp" move!

Hi! I believe this should be fixed in one of the recent patches (1.08 or 1.09); we added version information in the title screen in 1.08, let us know which version you have if it's still giving you troubles!

Quick question - is the DNA cheevo for getting all the transformations, or for maxing them and obtaining the relevant DNA fragment?  If it is the former, I think my save is bugged - I have them all (& I’ve tried buying additional fragments from Ives) and still no trophy.  Not to worry though - it’s  not a high priority issue and I know you’ll all be very busy!

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It's for getting all the DNA through Ives, although the achievement is currently kinda buggy. It's on our to-do list, but for the moment try unequiping any DNA that you obtained through Ives and the check should go off when you enter the museum.

Thank you so much - that worked!  I am now officially 100% cheevoed.  Hope you aren't working yourselves too hard!  You've made a fantastic thing and I'm sure a great many people will love it.

It's definitely been busy, and we're only three people so thank you for the nice words and compliment!! You support really means a lot to us and keeps us going ♥ Also congratulations on 100% achievements!! We're very happy you enjoyed the game !!


Loving this game so far! Amazing in so many ways! Not liking the switch puzzles though.

I'm in the Lunar Path where 7 switches must be in the right pattern to unlock the door. The goat says its a mirror image of the Sun path, and the switches on the Sun path are stuck, so the pattern they are in must be important. Also, there are ghosts by a few switches and they give some clues. Ive tried everything I can think of besides trying every 1000+ combinations. Can I get a hint please?

(1 edit) (+2)

Hi! We're glad you're enjoying the game so far! For that particular puzzled, please remember that its NOT a copy of the switches in the Sun Patch, they're mirrored/flipped . So, if you have this  //hypothetical//  combination


the answer would be 


so if you put them together, its mirrored 

[ L L R L R L ||  R L R L R R].

(4 edits)

Is there an achievement list I could refer to?  And/or a DNA list?  

...I reeeeallly want to 100% this game  @  -  @

OKAY so I got all the DNAs and I'm only missing 3 Cheevos.  I attached the image...could you tell me the criteria for them?    

Also!  Is there a way to get more DNA fragments?  And how do I tell how many I have?  Thank you for the help :)  

Hi! We don't have an achievement list yet  but there IS a DNA List on the wiki (Ask at the Discord server, I don't want to link it here because Spoilers!!).  I believe you're missing the achievements for Alchemizing all weapons, for sleeping in all the Sheepsquatch Sleeping sacks, and defeating the Chicken Elemental.

Regarding the DNA fragments, there's enough to get everything in the fragment shop!

When is the Steam version coming out? XD 

Soon! We'll announce it on our Twitter when we have a concrete date.

I was wondering if you can include the OST in the downloads of the purchase I love the soundtrack, or somehow include DLC for the OST.

Yeah, we'll be doing that for the Steam version!

It'll also be available on bandcamp in the near future.

Can itch buyers get a steam code somehow?

We're planning on having it so if you buy it on itch, you'll get a Steam code :]

sweet looking forward to it!

About  how long is the demo? If I decide to purchase, can I transfer save data over? Thank you!!! 

The demo is about 2 hours long, but some have taken longer on it.

You can definitely transfer over your save data to the full game if you purchase it!

How do I get out of Snowver?

There should be a frozen grate you can remove with the help of your Fire-affinity party member. 

Two mogwai wont show up in june's computer after i scan them. At Sporegano Archipelago to be specific

Ah, yeah, Sporegano's enemy list has some issues at the moment since it has more enemies than any other area.

We're currently looking into the issue!

(1 edit) (+1)

Really loving the world, characters, everything so far and I definitly want to play the full game once I get through the demo portion! But maybe I'm just really not very good or it's kinda weirdly difficult even on just normal. Is there like some strategy I'm not really getting? Besides it feeling maybe to difficult, I only have like one real problem and that's healing moves and revives. Seems kinda weird that healing moves can't go first but revives do, and either can wind up just being a total waste of a turn. For heals, I feel like that should always go first, cause there were a couple instances where I chose to heal Eve but before it was the turn for the heal, she was killed so Klien just didn't do anything that round. As for revives, it should be impossible for an enemy to choose a fallen charcter as a target for that round. I went to revive Eve once but as soon as Eve got up, she was immidiatly knocked back down in the same turn, making it a complete waste of a turn and mana and then Klien didn't have enough for any other move. Other than that little problem, I'm still enjoying the game. I'll probably just wind up setting it to easy cause I really just want to enjoy the story without having to save before every little fight. Made a video, I hope you enjoy! 

Hi, Cyberwolf! Just watched your video! Yeah, the game is not too easy, especially in the beginning. It's highly suggested to use skills as much as you can during battles, especially in normal and hard mode. The heals and revives should go around the same time as each other since neither is set to any priority and are solely based on Klein's speed. The enemies attacking downed allies seems to just be a default AI the engine gives enemies.

The game can be a bit difficult at times, but that's why we allowed for difficulty setting changes mid-game in case it gets too hard or too easy for people. And, of course, there is nothing wrong with playing easy if you just want to enjoy the story since that's what that setting is for ^^ In easy mode, you also accumulate EXP a little faster than normal. EXP scales with your level so there shouldn't be too much of a need to grind to enjoy the game.

So the guy in Bowfort says that he thinks the Mog girl in the lighthouse might talk to someone with a level 50 Mog. My party consists of Eve (66), Klein (65), Pike (58), and Io (63), but the girl won't talk to me. Is that guy's clue a red herring or is there something I'm missing?

Hi! He's just saying it for the giggles ^q^ You have to come back later when you get the blue party member.

Can I get a clue, please? How to defeat Eve in the final ?

 Maybe I should help everyone in game.

Hi! It is possible to defeat Eve, but you'll still get the bad end; to get the good ending you have to defeat all the red-eyed clusters (Choi tells you which ones are missing)

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