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Explore a magical yet all-too-familiar world alongside beings known as Mogwai! 

After a great war between humans and Mogs, the world you dwell in lives in a constant state of uncertainty and danger. As a Conjurer, a human marked by Mogs, it is your duty to maintain the peace and ensure balance between all who share the earth beneath your feet.

You are Eve Staccato, a simple Conjurer from a small mountain town. What starts out as a simple errand from your grandfather ends up becoming an adventure full of both wonder and peril. You will meet new friends and foes as you take on this strange and transcendent journey.


  • 20+ hours of a character-driven story that comes with multiple endings and a post-game.
  • Explore a vast world with a huge cast of Mogs and humans you can befriend!
  • Allies assist you on and off the battlefield with skills to navigate through puzzles and uncover secrets.
  • From fishing to card-collecting, you can indulge in some respite if your heart wills it.
  • Sidequests provide you with a deeper understanding of the game's lore... and they give out unique rewards to boot!
  • Fight through the arena and endurance modes to really test your skills.
  • Raise a magical baby moth and customize them according to your play-style by feeding them special enemy drops.
  • Over 100+ unique enemies to encounter and battle!
  • Original battle soundtrack (and more) by harmonicblend!

WARNING: HEARTBEAT is not currently compatible with the itch app. We highly recommend downloading the game from the site instead to avoid potential save data loss or other errors.


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $14.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

HEARTBEAT - Windows (Game v1.20) 527 MB
HEARTBEAT - Mac (Game v1.20) 657 MB
HEARTBEAT - Linux (Game v1.20) 568 MB

Download demo

HEARTBEAT - Windows (Demo v0.23) 183 MB
HEARTBEAT - Mac (Demo v0.23) 314 MB

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I see that the game has updated. Is there a way we can view the patch notes?


Bought the game during steam sale and really loving it so far! Are there any plans to release an artbook? The art and designs are so good, I'd buy it.


Purchased after seeing Austin's video ^^


Will you update the game like on Steam (1.20) ?

I'd also like to know this!

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I tried asking the developers about this, but I never got a reply. I assume that there are no plans right now to update the itch.io version, so you'll need to redeem your Steam key to get the update.

The Steam version also comes with a 64bit build, unlike itch.io which is only 32bit. I'd love for itch.io to update with the former as well.

EDIT: It's updated now, so nevermind! There also doesn't seem to be any real difference between the 32 and 64bit versions.

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Finally finished HEARTBEAT. THought I'd leave some quick feedback here. 
  I've mentioned here before that I absolutely love the art style. Everything just looks so inviting. I'm kinda sad that Mogs who join you default to a human form though. I found the monster forms to be more unique and charming personally. Its a minor gripe though, as the human form aren't bad, I just have a lking for monster design. The combat is serviceable, not amazing, not offensive. It does its job. 
  THE MUSIC IS AWESOME ACROSS THE BOARD. I found myself jamming out with 90% of the sound track while my wife looked at me funny. The Sand Bar theme was my personal favorite, congrats to the composer(s).
  The strongest part of the game though, was easily the writing. Its been a long time since I've gone out of my way to talk to everyone in a game. I couldn't get enough of talking to people, especially the supporting cast. Everytime I got a new party member, I went back to every previous area to talk to the named characters and see their new reactions. It was a joy to interact with everyone I met. Even character archetypes that I usually find really annoying managed to be charming here. Specific shoutout to Chip, as I usually can't stand hyper aggressive characters, but she was precious. Kudos to making so many diverse characters likeable and, morfe importantly, BELIEVABLE as people.
  I think the biggest weakness was a lack og clarity for some puzzles. Sometimes the game expects you to do something unique for a quest that is not possible to do elsewhere, but doesn't tell you its suddenly now possible. Using your wisp companion's ability to cloak to find invisible npcs for puzzle, or picking up random items to use in a scripted battle were the two worst examples for me. 
 TLDR: Very well done game that isn't great in every area, but pulls it off in the bits that I personally think matter most for RPGs. The music and writing are the biggest standouts, and the art style is also super good. I give the game a solid 8/10. Oh, I need to add one thing. I am super down with the core theme of the game, and am really glad its treated with the respect it deserves.

Now I only hope that the devs are still watching this page. They have been really quite lately.


Hello, ThacoBell! We apologize for the absence, I've been kind of busy, but we still look at messages (I'm personally kind of bad at replying so I leave them for later and... yeah haha). We're very happy and glad you enjoyed the game, and we really appreciate you took the time to leave us a message on your feelings regarding the game :] We'll let harmonicblend you enjoyed the music ^q^ Regarding the puzzle stuff, feeback like this help us improve the game as we'll update it sometime. So many thanks again for leaving us a message :]


It was my pleasure. This is just so relatable that I had to say something.


Question: I started playing the game via Itch.io but I just activated the game on Steam. Is there a way to transfer my saves over to that version?

Hello! This is quite the late reply, and you might already found the answer already, but I'll reply in case other people stumble with this message.

To transfer your saves to Steam, you'll need to either do so while the game is running OR temporarily disable Steam Cloud. 

Take your save files from the "www\folder" they were in before (if you're using Windows) and copy them to "[Steam Install]/SteamApps/common/HEARTBEAT/www/save"

How do I switch to the cat in the lead so I can use the cat flaps?



Hi! So I've been working on the pocket mog acheivement, but I didn't scan the sirens before completing the game. Are there no more sirens I can fight?

This is SUPER LATE REPLY!! But for anyone who's wondering, you can scan Sirens in Flexo's Platinum Circuit.


This is such a wonderful, beautiful game. Thank you all so much for your hard work.

Thank you NyxUlrich for taking the time to leave us your lovely message and for playing the game!!

Do you guys have a plan for porting the game to Nintendo Switch??? You know the game would fit perfectly!!

Hi! For the moment it's not possible, sadly!

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Just wanted to say thank you!

What a charming and fun game you've made, I'm having such a great time playing it right now. It hadn't been a great New Years Eve for me, but this game brightened my day   : ) 

SUPER late reply, thank you so much rigning!! ; _ ; We hope you had a nice year so far!! <3 

Beautiful game, are there any plans for making a mobile version of this? 

Incredibly late reply, but no, we don't have plans for a mobile version!


I love this game. Thank you so much for making it. I want to write a longer review at some point as a better "thank you" to the devs, but the characters are great, the music is fantastic, the battle system is engaging and challenging the entire game, the art and graphics are outstanding, and everything is charming in a way so unique to Heartbeat itself.  It's just a fun, fun experience that brought to mind all the GameBoy Advance games I used to play when it was around.

I find the game to be very well-executed overall. There's a few places where I would have liked to have seen more--maybe more or better-developed puzzles, or perhaps more sequences where the battle system itself is changed up, or maybe ways to make fish and EXP grinds a little more interesting--but overall the game benefits from its relative simplicity.  I really enjoy the writing and the story, but I always felt like I wanted more of it. There's the makings of a great tale about wronging and seeking forgiveness, and being wronged and forgiving, but it's slow to develop and underdeveloped by the conclusion.

None of that takes away from just how much fun it is to be playing the game. I would encounter new enemies and send screenshots of their designs to my boyfriend as I played, I'd hope to hear certain music tracks again, I'd hope to get more dialogue from my favorite characters (namely, all of them). It's a beautiful experience full of warm colors, lively characters, and great personality.  It's also perfected the lost, difficult art of the boss rush, and you get to feed the cutest little baby moth ever. So,  I hope I get to have more experiences playing games like those I had playing Heartbeat.

Hi, gasst, sorry for the late (and short) reply. I don't really quite know what to say because I'm bad with words but your message made everyone at Chumbosoft very happy ; - ; Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us such a lovely comment ♥ Stuff like this keeps us going and doing our best for future projects. Thank you!!

Hey there just droppin by to say one simple thing: This game is totally more than I had hoped for. I'll be honest, for a game on itch.io I was expecting, maybe, an OK-ish story with some basic tropes and a half-assed fighting system.

Now, I just got to Otecho but already this game has blown my expectations out of the water! Did you guys make some deal with the devil? you know... Midnight at the crossroad? Otherwise, how do you explain being this good?

Anyhow, Merry (belated) Christmas and Keep up the great work!


It means a lot to hear that, sneakyfletcher ^q^ <3 HEARTBEAT is just the product of lots of love, care, and the things we like, what we liked from RPGs from our childhood, and stuff like that!

We hope you had a lovely Christmas yourself :]

Please translate the game to Potuguese !

Dropping in to wish you guys an early Merry Christmas! 

Thank you Thaco!! We hope you had a lovely Christmas!

Hello. I'm currently at the second area in Peppy Jack's Cave (the one with the closed off gate in the center, one invisible path that leads to a dead end to the left and a hookable platform to the right) and I see no way of advancing. Could I get some help? Thank you.

Hi SpookSpark! Try using your blue ghosty friend!

That did the trick, thank you. Wonderful game by the way, loved it from start to finish. I hope the project was a success, and I wish the team all the luck in future projects.

Sorry for the extremely late reply! We're very happy you liked the game; I'm personally very proud and happy  to see the game getting so many compliments from nice people ; _ ; Thank you so much!!

I've completed the fishing request  and they ask me to beat some penguins with Tate. But everytime when I encounter those Pengy,  I always got a straight K.O. no matter how I do. 

Can you help me please? I need some tips

Hello Kirara! You have to go through the ship and find three items: The Boombox, the Soup, and the Gun Repellent. When you encounter Pengy Crunch'n without the items, you have to use Tate's skill "Tate Escape"; when you do have all those items, you have to use them in order to defeat Pengy Crunch'n.

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Thank you very much! I'll figure it out how to use those items later. By the way, Can I ask again? Jake already in his human form but he hasn't give me his core, is there something I missed?

No problem! Let me know if you have any more inquiries, and no, Jake won't give you his core u_u 

Hi there, I just bought the full game (after playing the updated demo!) and I've successfully moved the demo save folder items to the full game. Though I didn't find the save folder under app.nw in the full game contents, I copy and pasted the whole demo save folder there and upon running the full game it loaded my save file. But when I try to save in the full game, it doesn't let me (it gives me the "you can't do this action" sound). Is there any way I can fix this? Thanks!

Hi gupjo! Sometimes Mac has troubles reading/writing the folder, just try unzipping the game folder somewhere where your mac can read it well, like the Desktop! It should work then :]

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Hi Sil, thanks for the reply! I tried unzipping the game in my Desktop, but I sadly still can't save :( 
EDIT: I downloaded the game on my Windows partition and I can save normally! I'd still like to try to get it to work on Mac though (to transfer my save files), so any suggestions would be great :)

That's very odd :[ Mac's quite finicky and to be honest, none of us has a mac so troubleshooting is kind of hard to do u_u also i hope you downloaded the Windows version in the Windows partition! There was a user who played the Windows version on their mac through the index.html file and lost their saves because they were stored in the browser's cache @_@ 

Hi! I'm sorry, I don't know if it's just me or what, but I haven't been able to find Ingress Path. Can anyone point me to the place?


Hi! Sorry for the late reply, Ingress Path is that area that's initially guarded by a snowverian hunter when you first go through Arctario Cave.

I recently bought an Acer One 10 because I needed a bare bones laptop that was just small enough for me to bring pretty much everywhere. Obviously, I had to try and install HEARTBEAT on it, I'm glad  it runs quite well and with headphones I don't have to compromise hearing the terrific soundtrack on the builtin speakers.

Welp, there goes my productivity...


Ahaha I can relate to that very well :] We hope you have fun!

Signed up for this site literally to ask if there are any plans to bring this beautiful looking game to the Switch? I bet they would love to have you!

Hi, Leviathanos! As much as we'd like to, at the time is not possible u _ u) thanks for the lovely compliments!

Congrats on the Steam release! It's awesome that you gave us keys for that version as well. I just recommended it to some friends. Good luck, and much success in the future!

Thank you, Dt3r! For the support and spreading the game with your friends :]

Hey I was wondering where I find the steam keys if I had HEARTBEAT already.

Hi! You can find the steam key if you go to your purchase page on itch.io (it has to be through the web, not through the app), and if you go at the bottom (past the Download buttons), you'll find an option that reads "Generate Steam Key".

Deleted post

Thank you Lady Lily for the congrats! ^<^) And also thank you for letting us know

we'll edit/delete your comment though because we think it's counter productive to link the site here u _ u We appreciate you telling us though!!


oh sorry for that ^_^'

I wanted to tell you in more discreet way but i couldn't find your e-mail.

No problem, Lady Lily!! We're always available at our Twitter too ^<^)

Congratulations on the Steam release! Hopefully more people will catch wind of this absolute gem of an RPG. I came across it by chance, and was so impressed by the original demo that I simply had to make an itch.io account to buy it and support you! 

Thank you so much NineTailedFox! We really appreciate the support ^<^) We hope you have fun playing the game!!

Hmm, I got notification of an update, are there patch notes pending?

We'll be working on Steam changelogs soon; for now they're all miscellaneous bug fixes.

Here as well, right? I don't use steam.

Oops my bad! Last update we did was v1.1, which is the newest version that came along Steam; but yeah the patch notes are pending for now!

Congrats on the Steam release! 

Thank you ThacoBell!!


Thanks for Linux  ^^


Thank You for the support! :D

Greetings! I really enjoyed Heartbeat, its one of my favorites.

I see that the game was launched on Steam recently. Is it possible for someone who bought it previously to get a Steam key, or is it only for people who buy it from now on?

Hello! We're very happy to hear that! :]

If you purchased the game here, go to your itch library, check the download page, and at the bottom there should be a "Generate Steam Key" button.

Is there a secondary method? I have been looking all over the page and cannot find the "Generate Steam Key" option. When I originally purchased the game I had an issue with the itch app not letting me download and had to download it through the itch website, so maybe that's why?

yo, check in the thread for my fix for this (use your browser, not the itch app), I replied wrong :p

(1 edit)

Heya, I was having the same problem; it looks like the "Claim Steam Key" button is only visible on the itch.io web page (I'm using Chrome), NOT on the itch.io app. If you follow the directions after going to itch.io on your browser, it works perfectly.

EDIT: er, oops, this was meant to be a reply to Deeva!


Thank you!!!

I just played through what feels like the majority of the demo (had an unexpected crash) but omg I am quite dazzled at how quickly I lost track of time! I must know; how many people worked on that for how long using what engine?! It is quite mesmerizing :D!

Hello, Xarcolt! Yes, the demo still has crash issues, but we will be uploading a new version sometime without the crashes :]

We're very happy you enjoyed the demo! We're 3 people at CHUMBOSOFT, and we used RPG Maker MV. Thanks for the kind words ^<^

Incredible! Neat use of the engine. Trying to make a decent RPG myself but in a far-abandoned engine (DarkBasic Pro). Literally it's just planning a wall of code. No UI other than anything you program yourself. *reinventing the wheel* It gets rather discouraging but a vibrant game like the one you three made is quite uplifting! Keep up the good work.

Hello; I just downloaded the demo onto my Mac to give it a try and I was really excited by just how cute everything was! However, I found that I cannot create a save file. I can go into the save system , move over any of the save file options, but it will not let me save (select). The auto save does not seem to be an option either, as it is not available to load from in the loading screen. Any ideas as to why this might be happening? I can only guess that my computer is not allowing the game to create saves for some reason, or that the game cannot create them on my computer due to something I am not aware of. I am new to Itch.io, so there is a chance that there is something I need to do that I haven't. Thank you in advance for your help~!

Hello! Sometimes Mac has troubles reading/writing the folder, just try putting the game folder somewhere where your mac can read it well, like the Desktop! It should work then :]


Thank you for the help! It work just like you said; what a silly thing for Mac's to be picky about!!

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About 7 days until the release of the steam version! Woohoo! One tiny question, if we've already bought the game here, will we have to pay for the game again for the OST? Or will you distribute steam keys for those already paid for the game here for access to it? You've probably already answered this somewhere buried in the comment section but Im just curious and so excited for this game to come around full circle! 

Hi! Those who already bought the game on itch.io can get the soundtrack from harmonicblend's bandcamp, or as a DLC from Steam, for 7USD (in both places they are the same price).

Fresh players will be able to buy the game and the OST as a bundle for 20USD on Steam :]

Dont worry about asking questions that have already been answered! Let me know if you have any other inquiries!


Thanks for the quick response! I'll buy it as soon as possible! ^^

Will this ever be on steam?


On December 12th, yeah.


I checked this place on the daily just for this post. Thank you good sir.

Does this patch fix compatibility with the itch app? If not, how do I update the game when standalone?

Hi! No, Patchv1.09a contains a hotfix to some bugs in the post-game dungeon and other miscellanous fixes. We still haven't looked into the compatiblity with the itch app.

In order to update the game when standalone, all you have to do is download the Latest Patch, and copy paste its contents into the game's folder.

Thanks! Good to hear I don't have to completely re-download the whole game again.

That is one of the issues we have on the itch app actually; we're gotta figure out how updates work so it doesn't make users re-download the whole game everytime there's a new update, and even then, it was giving users weird errors/freezing. Plus, manual updating is way faster :]


hey! heartbeat has been a great game so far, the designs are cute, and I feel interested in the characters! im not very far yet tho
i have a problem, however
i ended up messing up in this optional puzzle, only getting 2 out of the 4 chests, and due to my completionist attitude, or perhaps ocd more likely, i can't get over missing only two of these chests
i leave the room and the room stays the way it was before, is it supposed to do that? is there supposed to be one of those reset buttons nearby?


Hi! We're happy you're enjoying the game so far!

This is the only puzzle in the game that has no reset button - once you start it, theres no going back. They're not important items anyway, the chests that you're missing only had a Familiar Perfume (+50 Beat recovery item), and a Sugar Bun (+50 Pulse recovery item) in them.

I'm having trouble with the gate puzzle in Froxeter Forest. I understand I can charge the switches and charge again without pressing the confirm button- However I'm having some trouble with the timing and I don't think I'm doing it right. Could I get some in-depth help please?


Hi! I apologize for the late reply; I'd advise that, as soon as you crash with with first switch, you mash the skill button , and change directions while she's revving up. As long as you activate the skill right after you crash with the switch (hence why mashing the skill button is recommended), there should be enough time to do it.

If you still have trouble, don't hesitate to contact me on the Discord server, or PM me on Discord directly if that is more comfortable to you (Sil#0579)

Thanks so much! I thankfully got it. My timing was off super bad for a while there but, I appreciate the help!


No problem! Let me know if you have any other inquiry, I'd be more than happy to help.

Not gonna lie, that puzzle got me too- but the challenge was fun and I ended up getting through. :D Great work on getting that timing down. 

Glad you were able to get through the puzzle and you found it fun :D Let us know if you have any inquiries!

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