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Explore a magical yet all-too-familiar world alongside beings known as Mogwai! 

After a great war between humans and Mogs, the world you dwell in lives in a constant state of uncertainty and danger. As a Conjurer, a human marked by Mogs, it is your duty to maintain the peace and ensure balance between all who share the earth beneath your feet.

You are Eve Staccato, a simple Conjurer from a small mountain town. What starts out as a simple errand from your grandfather ends up becoming an adventure full of both wonder and peril. You will meet new friends and foes as you take on this strange and transcendent journey.


  • 20+ hours of a character-driven story that comes with multiple endings and a post-game.
  • Explore a vast world with a huge cast of Mogs and humans you can befriend!
  • Allies assist you on and off the battlefield with skills to navigate through puzzles and uncover secrets.
  • From fishing to card-collecting, you can indulge in some respite if your heart wills it.
  • Sidequests provide you with a deeper understanding of the game's lore... and they give out unique rewards to boot!
  • Fight through the arena and endurance modes to really test your skills.
  • Raise a magical baby moth and customize them according to your play-style by feeding them special enemy drops.
  • Over 100+ unique enemies to encounter and battle!
  • Original battle soundtrack (and more) by harmonicblend!


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

HEARTBEAT - Windows (Game v1.07) 476 MB
HEARTBEAT - Mac (Game v1.07) 607 MB
HEARTBEAT - Windows (Patch v1.07) 2 MB
HEARTBEAT - Mac (Patch v1.07) 2 MB

Download demo

HEARTBEAT - Windows (Demo v0.23) 183 MB
HEARTBEAT - Windows (Patch v0.23) 800 kB
HEARTBEAT - Mac (Demo v0.23) 314 MB

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Thank you so much for this game! It's amazing and pretty much has everything I want in an RPG.


I have a question about the golden chests that can only be unlocked in post-game: it seems each one contains a weapon for a different character? Does each character have something? I have Pike, Rex, Troz, Io, Ton, and maybe Shep? I've retraced to most of Outset (everywhere but Snover) and can't seem to find the others (the ones I've found so far have been relatively obvious, since they relied on characters I didn't have at the moment). I don't recall anything that stood out in the Den... I would love a hint :)

We're really glad you liked it, tesseralis! There'll be more updates to come, so HEARTBEAT doesn't end here, heh heh.

As for your question, the locations for the in-field weapons are as follows:

  • Light - In the puzzle room at Otecho Path
  • Ice - Hidden in a house in Mt Phrost
  • Earth - At an island in Bowfort
  • Volt - In the castle treasure room
  • Wind - Sunwich cave
  • Toxin - In Cirruwa Forest's "lost woods" area
  • Shadow - At Arctario cave
  • Flora - Shopkeeper at Pretorricane
  • Water - In Cirruwa Road
  • Fire - Cirruwa Forest through Hisstanbul
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There is still a problem with zheng's dna shop. Now when I try to get moves for other characters the yes and no options are blacked out when zheng asks me if I want to trade dna for the moves, so I end up being stuck since I can't select yes or no to get out.

Ohh, thanks for telling us, we figured out what was happening, and that should be fixed by next patch. Sorry for the inconvenience!! Thanks again for letting us know!

I'm getting an error that says "Type Error: Cannot read property 'forEach' of undefined" when I try to load one of my save files.

That's very bizarre. Do you think you could send us your save file?

You can send it here or via our Discord channel.

I have a problem when I sent my save data from the demo to the game it cant load Actor_10.png so I cant battle

Which version did you download? Maybe the files didn't extract properly. Try re-downloading the full game and see if it fixes it. Also make sure you're downloading the game and not the patch if you're going from the demo.

ok but can I still use my demo save data in the full game I saved after I used the demo tickets.

Could I have a hint (just a hint) regarding a late-game switch puzzle?  I believe I'm supposed to mirror some switches I found elsewhere, but doing so didn't clear the gate barring my way. Am I missing something obvious? There are too many possible switch combinations to brute force this one.

Hi! It's  mirror of the opposite room with the locked switches. So if you have a room with [ b ], the other room would be [ d ].

(1 edit)

Thank you! Maybe I messed up a switch somewhere then . . . Back to the puzzle I go!

EDIT: This is embarrassing to admit, but I'm still stuck. I've mirrored all the switches using screencaps I made of those on the Sun Path, but the gate's still closed. Either I'm foolish enough to still be missing something or there's a bug.

Do you think you could send us your save?

You can either post it here or you can post it via our Discord channel.

(1 edit)

I posted a link to my save file in your Discord channel. Thank you very much for your help!

EDIT: Never mind! I figured it out. It really is mirrored! I really am foolish. Haha . . .

I've played just the demo so far, but I am in love with this game. It's so clear just how much love and enthusiasm went into its creation. I plan to buy it, but I would like to know -- if I purchase it here on itch, will a Steam key be granted once it's made available on Steam, or should I wait until Steam carries HEARTBEAT?


We're planning on making it so everyone who owns it on itch.io can get a free Steam code. 

Though we'll share more details at a later date.

I just downloaded the 1.06 version for Mac, and for some reason the game won't let me save? Am I pressing the wrong button or something?

Make sure to extract the folder from the zip file and put it somewhere writable.

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For Vice and Silk, how am I supposed to make food and find something similar to the Oni stuff???  And where is the port in Snowver where Quinn ran off to?  The conjure option is very nice, but I'm really, really missing the chatter function.  Or just a dedicated side-quest log.  

Also, the Queen...does she have a side-quest after the main quest as well?  I visited all the towns but she just says the same thing.    

Edit: Oh, hey, there's also a misplaced tile in the Lounge area on the spaceship, right above the tea.  

Thanks for pointing that out! We'll fix that right away.

For Vice and Silk, you'll want to alchemize their meals via Ven. Quinn is in Arctario Cave, where you fought that one ice boss in khaki pants. The Queen does not have a sidequest. The towns are there for other sidequests and extra enemies to scan/fight.

We'll probably implement a sidequest log in a later update! We meant to do that, but we never got around to it.


Thank you!!!  I wasn't looking outside of Snowver  = u =;; 

Ahhh I'm sad I'm almost done with the game..

One thing I think the game could use is a sidequest tracker. The chatter function works for the main mission, but there's nothing the player can do to monitor sidequest progress.

On that note, will I be locked out of completing Quinn's sidequest if I finish the game? I've only managed to retrieve one item so far and can't find any more portals. They're meant to be near the larger cities, right?

Yeah, we were thinking of putting in a sidequest log somewhere, but we never really got around to it. We'll probably add it in an update!

And, no, you cannot get locked out of Quinn's sidequest. The portals are in Aeros, Otecho, Harbei... and another one somewhere in Arctario Cave, but that's more of part B of her quest that can be initiated by talking to a certain someone.

Thank you! You even told me where they are . . . that's kind of you! I'll look around some more!

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I'm having a bit of trouble in peppy jack's place mostly in the chip department. When ever I rush at the gate it rises before I even get there and sometimes I get there before the gate rises but I ram into some sort of invisible wall. So i can't continue on from there.(The first gate)

Hello! Thanks for letting us know, we're fixing it right now and improving some other things n Peppy Jack's cave. It'll be fixed in the next patch! Thank you, Jorge :]

I love this game so far!! I'm not far along yet, but it's really cute!

I actually wanna ask a quick question, if that's okay -- I've been stuck at the point where you need to go through the Solberg Tunnel to get to Aeros, and the boxes are in the way. I think I skipped some dialogue, and I'm not sure what to do? I can't think of anything I haven't already tried anyway, so I hope asking here isn't bothersome! 

Thank you, hobberzz! We're glad you feel that way!

To get past the boxes, you have to use Rex's jump ability. It should be W on your keyboard. And don't worry about asking questions, they are more than welcome! We're always happy to help.

Steam realease, please? I'd buy this game in a heartbeat on there, not a doubt in my mind.

Aww, thank you for the kind words. We're still preparing for the Steam release, but it should be here in a couple of weeks or so. We want it to have as few bugs as possible. 

We'll announce it on our Twitter when the time comes.

Steam Release when? I'm definitely buying the game but I'd just prefer to wait until i can get it on steam, so I'd like to know.

We're going to be working towards that in the next couple of weeks! We want to get rid of as many bugs as possible before putting it on Steam.

We'll announce it on our Twitter when the time comes.

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Funny thing, I just finished the demo as the game went live. Good thing too, because I didn't know how long I would've been able to wait. This game is amazing. From the art style, to the story, to everything you can do on the side! It hurts me to say this (because I love this game so much) but my only real complaint so far would be that the alchemy tutorial is a little vague, for me at least. I think I've gone through it at least 3 or 4 times and I don't fully understand what I am supposed to do. Other than that (and its a very minor thing), I love this game and I am going to enjoy playing the full version so much!


Thank you so much, we're glad you enjoyed the demo :] We hope you enjoy the rest of it too!!

Regarding the alchemy system, you just have to pick the item you wanna alchemize. 

The next page will detail what material you can use and how much points each of them cost towards your item. 
At the bottom will be the needed points for it.
You have to use materials to fill the bar at the bottom. You can fill it many times over depending how much of the item you want.
 When you have it all filled, scroll all the way down to press "Alchemize" and you should get your item(s).

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Hi again! I'm hunting red-eyed clusters and can't seem to reach the second one in Cirruwa Forest.  I see a plant gate that leads to a new path, but I don't have Io in my party right now (I'm at the point of no return, I believe). I think I might have screwed up. I might not be able to get the best ending now, maybe . . .

Hi! All red-eyed clusters are accessible with any party member (including Just Eve). For this one, you have to find a separate route before entering Hisstanbul to be able to get this one.

(1 edit)

Thanks for letting me know, Sil! I'll have another look. In the meantime, I'd like to report an error. I'm card collecting, and one card (the Chicken Elemental) is listed as an A-rank card in the text, but  its image states it's S-rank.

EDIT: Found the cluster! I don't know how I overlooked that alternate path! I must've been tired. Oops.

No problem! Let me know if you encounter any problem :] And thanks for pointing that out! I let pringle know and he's currently fixing it!


Hi! I'm loving this game but I got to a point where I wasn't able to advance? After entering a building in the 3rd town it said "Meow Loading" before crashing and after updating the game won't launch ; o ; Is there a fix for this? I would love to continue because this game is SO cute and good > w <

Hello! That's really odd, do you think you can send us our save? You can DM it to me (Im Sil on the Discord server https://discordapp.com/invite/BYF6anj )

I also suggest you redownload the game completely and put your previous save folder in the newly downloaded game (saves are in "www > save" in Windows, or "Game.app > Contents > Resources > app.nw > save" if youre using a mac).

I don't think Sampling Scrape is working as intended. It seems to restore beat on the target instead of the user.

Someone else caught this too, it'll be fixed in the next patch :]

Also, Aqua Rush doesn't seem to have its elemental affinity set correctly.

Got it! Thanks for pointing it out!

(2 edits)

Venilla's Opening Act doesn't seem to be working properly, since the "fake turn" that transformations involve causes it to wear off. I'm also not sure about this, but I thought I saw Impish Ives's A and B moves only had one triggering elemental weaknesses in a battle.

EDIT: There's a typo where it says "Pikr learned Song of the Sea!" As well, it seems like purchasing skills for Eve still bugs out the shop.

(1 edit)

When I  get eve's oni chomp from zeng I can no longer select yes or no when zeng says "are you done shopping?"

That's strange, we'll look into it right now, thanks for letting us know!

(1 edit)

I got beaten by a sea monster while sleeping at one of the houses at Sporegano, after that no matter how many times i sleep i cannot trigger that boss fight again (or the tiny oni island). 

You'll be able to challenge the sea monster dream again later!  Also, Tiny Oni Island can be visited through the sewers after the first time you visit it.

Can't wait for the steam release


Soon! We wanna be able to get rid of as many bugs as possible before we release to Steam + set up all the goodies that usually come with a Steam release.

I am *loving* this game, but I am also completely and absolutely stuck in Froxeter forest trying to get through the area with all the switches and gates with Chip. The switches and gates don't seem to line up? What am I missing?

If it helps, you can change directions while Chip is revving up!

My problem is that I'll follow the arrows that pop up above your head, but the gates that are opening aren't in the direction indicated.

When you step on the first button, rev up as Chip and then change direction based on the one the arrow gives you, and when she bumps into another switch, it will automatically turn on and you just rev up again, change direction as the arrow says, and repeat. 

Found a small bug, when I try to give the dusk gem to the elder the screen become black, and it remain black even after the conversation. I was able to go to  moon path, but it didn't change anything. I try multiple time, but it always the same.

The game is still a lot of fun to play, but with this bug, I can't continue. I guess... The game is telling me to take a break? 

Thank you for telling us, Okamille! That is a very strange bug.

We'll be fixing it for the next patch, so keep an eye out for it ^^

Hello! This is probably a weird comment to leave, but I hope you won't mind.

I heard of Heartbeat from Trass and got told that it isn't available in any language other than English. I'm a native Spanish speaker and it always irks me to not be able to play games in my language, so, just in case you've ever considered that possibility, I would be very happy to try and help you translate it to Spanish! I have experience with translation, I work as a text editor and I've worked (and will hopefully continue working soon) as a game designer and scriptwriter, so I believe I could do a decent job at it.

By the way, my girlfriend is a native French speaker and a professional translator who's always dreamt of translating a video game. If you need anyone to translate it to French, she might be able to lend a hand as well!

Thanks for your time!

Oh yeah! One of our devs, Sil, is actually a Spanish speaker and has plans on translating the game to Spanish at a later date. For now, we're focusing on some extra Steam-related things. But don't worry, there will definitely be a Spanish translation in the future. 

Thank you for the offer, and if we do end up needing some extra help, we'll try to contact you guys!


Thank you very much for your quick response! Best of luck to Sil too on their endeavour, then!

I don't know how itchio works and I don't know if there's any kind of private message service. If there isn't and you want to contact me, I'm @EndouDaisuke over at Twitter. Hit me up whenever you need to. :)

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Anyone else lost in the part of Cirruwa Forest found after Hisstanbul? I'm trying to use the trees as a hint to figure out where to go, but I'm still getting nowhere. A hint would be much appreciated!


Those flowers are very pretty c;

Thank you!

Ahhh this is probably me being dumb, but...I cannot, for the life of me, get through the Grotto; been stuck for about 50 minutes.  I've opened the first gate, but can't find any way to open the second/third one.  Please help   o u o;; 


Remember to utilize both Chip and Luca for this area. 

In one of the latest updates, we introduced an NPC in the Grotto that also gives you a li'l hint since someone also got lost there.

(1 edit) (+2)

Ahhh the NPC was very helpful!  The tree looks healthy, though, not dead, which is why it was so confusing.  I thought Chip was only able to ram cracked walls, dead trees, and levers.  Regardless, thank you very much for the patch and the reply :) 

Edit: OH it's LIGHT green not DARK green //slaps self on face\\ pbbHBHHTHTTHTH dANGIT 


hey dumb question but is it possible to still download the demo? when i tried to download the 1.03 patch somehow my data went away haha. i dont mind playing through it again but i really want the tickets back, so i wanna use the demo again! is that possible?

(1 edit)

Oh, huh. That's weird, we'll look into that issue. That shouldn't be happening. What version demo were you using? Version 0.10 or 0.20?

But yeah, you can have a separate folder for the demo version and then transfer the save files to your full game when you get those tickets!

oh i doubt its like a...software thing? total user error on my part lol. first time buying something on itch and im a dunce!! and version 0.10


Ah, don't worry about it! There's nothing wrong with asking, just in case. 

When you transfer a save from version 0.1X, it'll start a new game but you keep all your tickets because of the amount of changes between versions it wouldnt be possible to keep progress. 

If you transfer a save from version 0.2X, you keep your progress however.


I. LOVE. THIS. GAME. It is well made and makes for a really great adventure to explore and be apart of. I love the ideas and I love the characters a lot, I would love to see more games from you in the future! If I may, I'd like to see if we're able to get little costumes for our favorate little furball! Do you think you could add a costume machine in the gambling house? Sorry if this is asking for too much >w<''. But thank you for putting love and care into this game and making it an enjoyable experience for people who like it!


Thank you for the kind words, Dreamzxk! We had a lot of fun making this game, so hearing people say they enjoyed it really brightens up our days ^^

We've actually thought about giving the moth alternate skins, so maybe we could implement in a future update!


Right from the start you can see the love that has been poured into this game. Thanks for making this and sharing with us all, it's really awesome.

Thank you, dude! 

quick question is  sheepsquatch-B's  only move ray burst for all the slots or is it just a glitch?

That is, indeed, a bug! Thank you for letting us know!

(1 edit)

I think I found a bug where some tiles are impassable, it's the two to the left of Luca: https://i.imgur.com/yt6M2Bg.png

Edit: I've also found that the Moth has a tendency to heal full health allies as well as buff already buffed ones too.

Thank you for spotting that as well! And yeah, the Moth heals and buffs party members randomly.

By the way, a few days ago I commented about the Sheppito transformation's Make it Rain ability having the wrong icon, and you said you fixed it, but the icon still shows as PL++ instead of BT down. Sorry if I'm being annoying, but I just really like this game and want it to be as good as possible.

Oof, it must be something we fixed in the demo but not on the full game. We'll fix it! And you're not annoying at all!! We really appreciate you reaching out and letting us know of these bugs, and we're happy you really like the game <3

It's okay, Purp! All your feedback has been insanely useful to us. When we playtest with others, some have already played through, so some bugs aren't caught. Your comments have shed a light onto bugs we completely missed. 

If you want, you can always come to the Discord server for the game, we have a section that's entirely for bug reporting! Just to keep it all in once place. https://discord.gg/rvZmk9

For the chicken hunt, I didn't see character portraits during the conversations my party had. Is that due to a missing file somewhere? Also, I don't see the party portraits in the menu. They were there during the demo . . . 

(1 edit)

WAHH My bad!! Please download Patchv1.02 from the itch.io page and copy paste the game folder into HEARTBEAT's folder. Ignore my previous comment (I deleted it). I apologize for the slip up!! ; _ ;

Hey! Just bought the full game, like 10 minutes ago. Only problem is... for some reason I can't enter into the sewers? I get a cute "mew loading" screen, then

Loading Error
Failed to load: data/Map024.json

tried restarting the game, didn't work. Also idk if my old trial tickets were also supposed to be traded into stuff like the newer trial tickets were.

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i think i found the error :p

no idea how this happened. thoughts on how to fix? I'm worried if I try to re-install my data will be wiped

Yes, the patch has the missing files. And regarding data wiping, you dont have to worry about that, as long as you don't overwrite the save files, it'll be fine :]

ah, uh, sorry to continue pushing this, but do you know how to download the patch using the app? it seems that I can either download version 1.02 OR the patch. is there something I'm missing? Thank you for helping me with this!!!!!

Hi! You already have the game, so you only have to download the patch.. You have to download Patchv1.02 from the app (in the gear next to Launch), or manually from the web, then copy the folder inside the .zip (it's called "game"), and paste it into HEARTBEAT's folder.

I've never used the itch.io app so I'm trying it out myself right now. And no problem!! Let me know if you have any problems!

Ah, thank you so much!!!! For some reason I don't have any gear icon next to the launcher, and trying to get to the download page was a bit of a hassle (thanks itch :/)

If it's okay with you, mind if I delete this thread? I don't wanna cause clutter for everyone else looking through the comments.

And once again, thank you!!!!!!!!!


Hi! Please download Patchv1.02, the missing files are in there. We will be releasing a new patch with the missing files and more fixed issues soon as well. We apologize for the slip up!

Regarding the old trial tickets, those get traded in after the tutorial, so if you got stuff from them in the demo (as in, redeemed them back then), you should still have that stuff.  Don't worry though, it's all items that you can get/find as you progress through the game.

During the demo, Klein fainted while I was in Solburg Tunnel, which caused her to not appear in the overworld with Eve and Troz. However, I was still able to make Klein the party leader, which caused a different party member to be absent in the overworld, although the menu for switching leaders closes very soon after I open it, requiring me to react quickly if I want to change leaders. Sleeping revived Klein, but did not restore my overworld party to its original state, nor did it allow me to keep the leader menu open for more than a second. Restarting the game also did not fix this. Is there any way I can repair my save file?

Hello! That is certainly odd, can you send us your save file on Twitter @CHUMBOSOFT?  We also have a Discord server if you don't have a Twitter account https://discord.gg/Fpqac5 You can send it to me, I'm the admin Sil.

While Wrestling the chickens for Luca, I realised that I actually got 2 chickens (Item) per chicken (Encounter). I'm pretty sure that's a glitch.

Thanks for spotting that! ^_^

Are there any Fishing upgrades? (Other than the artificial minnow) Because there are a few times where while fishing in Otecho the fish escapes no matter how fast I hit the button.

Yes, there are fishing upgrades as you progress through the game. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the bug hunting!

I actually have another question. I've noticed that some elements don't seem to have 'tier 1' materials, like ice has frigid ice and light has glass prisms as their lowest tier available, and they're worth 2 points each for alchemy. Are there 'tier 1' materials for those elements or just 'tier 2' and up?

Yeah, that's normal! There are no tier 1 material for those elements :] 


It's going to be hard for me to go to sleep tonight, don't want to put this game down :(.
So far the experience is continuing to be absolutely awesome, having just made it past the first mass of tears as the deeper story unfolds.
So many layers of enjoyable and smooth mechanics, absolutely in love with this game.

Just a quick simple bugfix to report though atm:
After Klein's journal is available on her bed, if you read that the black/screen doesn't unfade after it. Just missing an event in there somewhere-I managed to navigate to the bed to sleep and that unfaded the screen for me.

Also, though it's not something fun to have to tell players, I might give additional advise on the necessity to save frequently somewhere in-game at the start. Having been as hooked on the game as I have been, It's crashed a few times now. Not much lost thanks to reading the readme, but it feels important enough to be mentioned in-game unless a future RPG Maker update/build helps resolve the issue.
(If possible I'd recommend adding auto-saves after a Mog Cluster, as that was a tough battle to redo after crashing, and they're noteworthy/not too frequent).


Thank you so much for the kind words, we feel very moved by the support given to us these past days ; _ ; We're glad you're enjoying the game!!

Thank you for letting us know of that bug! We've fixed it and we will be releasing a patch to fix this and other things soon, as well adding the auto-saves after Mog Clusters. We'll talk about adding the message about the crashes, but for now we hope people read the readme. Thank you so much again!! 

(4 edits) (+1)

I think I found a couple of oversights. Eve is unable to fish in the small pond in the cave with the timed gates in Froxeter forest. You also can't fish in the pond with the chest in the middle on Otecho path.

Edit: I also found a small typo in the entry for the Phoenix: https://i.imgur.com/Sr1SOJB.png

Edit 2: I got an error while viewing the aquarium. While looking at the lower right one, the silhouette in the top right corner wouldn't display any information, and then I got an error: https://i.imgur.com/C7wQdTc.png

Edit 3: On June's computer, Avi's sprite is too far to the right.

Edit 4: The Bakunawa-T DNA has stats which claim it reduces Beat by 2

Thank you again for letting us know all these! We're currently fixing them :]

Loved the demo and just bought the full game! Ya'll have made something really special :)

Quick heads up: I might be totally wrong here, but it looks like the files in the 1.02 patch are not in the Game v1.02. When trying to access the sewer, I got a error stating Map023.json was not found. I looked at the data dir and that file, plus Map024.json and Map273.json were missing as well. I downloaded the patch .zip and lo and behold, those are the only 3 files in the patch's Data dir. Moved them over and works fine.


Thank you for letting us know! We'll fix it once pringle and Shepple get online. Sorry for the slip up!!


EarthBound reference?

is this the dd act 2 i've been waiting for

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