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by CHUMBOSOFT ( rmntwitter / tumblr )


Play as Eve Staccato and roam through a world full of Mogwai, magical creatures from another world. As a Conjurer, you will fight alongside Mogwai in battle to help those in need–and heal the rift between two worlds. 

The Den–the Mogwai world–has been cut off from the Outset for nearly a century. However, its intrigue and turmoil ripples through both worlds, turning a simple errand from your country clerk grandfather to a grand adventure. 

Meet friends, make enemies, and explore the world using your Mog friends' magic powers to make your way. Run past or fight feral Mogwai as they lurk through the environment. Fish, collect cards, solve puzzles, weave through an onslaught of angry chickens–and forge lasting friendships that continue after the main story. 


  • A lighthearted, feel-good game with a character-driven story.
  • Help and befriend a varied and charismatic cast of Mogs and humans.
  • Your Mog friends can do more than fight--navigate and solve puzzles with their powers!
  • There's tons to do on the side, from fishing to filling out your in-game card collection.
  • Over one hundred original enemies to encounter!
  • Over 13 hours of gameplay with multiple endings and a post-game!

Download demo

H E A R T B E A T - Windows (Demo v0.13) 120 MB
H E A R T B E A T - Mac (Demo v0.13) 121 MB

Development log


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Tried the game. Loved it. Will buy if I start making money(eventually). And that's about it. Finally...

Thank You For The Work You Put Into This

Thank you for the sweet words!

We're glad you liked it so far ^^

I just beat the demo and all i can say is WOWWEE ZOWWIE !!! that was amazing. i CAN'T WAIT for the full version, i really hope you're still working on it. I'll come back with a full review later, but for now aside from just really minor things and questions (Rex said she was a Griffon instead of a Manticore when talking to Chip? unless i got it backwards? etc) , it was a great experience and i would absolutely pay for the full version. I am super excited to keep playing. Thank you so much for making this lol


Yes, we are still working on it, ha ha. We're getting closer to the end everyday! Most of the updates these days can be found on Twitter (@Sheppapalooza, my personal Twitter, and @CHUMBOSOFT, the regular Twitter).

And that's right, Rex stated she was a Griffon to Chip as a lie. Rex is definitely a Manticore.

any updates planed?

I've mostly been updating on my Twitter (@Sheppapalooza) if you wanna take a look! 

There are some map previews for patrons on my Patreon account as well (since I don't want to spoil too much).

The game is still being worked on, don't worry!

okay :)

When the full game comes out, I'm just wondering if it'll hit Steam. 

Either way, you're getting my money.

We have thought about it!

If it does well on here, we'll add some extra things we've had planned and try our hand at Steam.

Alright, looking forward to it!

i seriously love this game. it has a real charm to it, and the characters are all lovable and i cant wait to see the finished version because its just. so good. keep up the good work, and thanks for taking the time to make sure everything is of good quality.

Thank you for being so patient! We're working hard to make sure that the finished version is as polished as possible <: 

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I really like what I've played from the game so far (atm I'm stuck in the tunnel lol trying to figure out how to open that last gate to get to the treasure)! 

This game made me a little nostalgic, made me think about the time I would spend hours and hours playing pokemon. haha
The little mogs (and the big ones like Cerberus) are really cute!
The gameplay is really good too (visivel monsters yay!). The maps are really well done, no getting lost in them and I like that they weren't too big (you could get to the 'secret treasures' and still backtrack to go on your way again fast enough. And the battles were well balanced too from what I played, they weren't easy but it was ard enough to be a challenge. The bosses too. Hard but not TOO hard.
The art is really cool too, I really love it! <3 I feel like that 'fangirl' blogger.. all the mogs are so adorable!!!! >_< I wanna catch them all! 

Overall this seems to be a very promising game! :)
I'll definitely keep an eye out for the full release!

D'aww, thank you. Right now, we've been rebalancing things so hopefully the battles will be just as fun in the end!

And yes, the monster designs are very much inspired by Pokémon so I can understand that connection haha.

I just played some of the game so far I like it even its really hard for me to read some of the words and some of the words are unknown to me and I find some of the gramma strange.

Yes, that was a worry of mine, but I've rewritten all the dialogue in the game so hopefully the end result will be much easier to understand!

glad to hear i will keep an eye on this game since i like it.

I completey LOVE this game!! 

Thank you so much!! We hope you'll like the full release as much as the demo ^^

Love this game! It's so pokemon-esque but also very unique and lovely in itself! I'm so curious as to how you made it!

Thanks! Growing up as a big Pokémon fan as a kid, it's very much inspired by Pokémon, especially the designs for the monsters and such! 

And, we used RPG Maker MV for it <:

Date for a Release?

It's Christmas soon...would be lovely under the tree ^^

Soon, hopefully! We really wanna have it ready before the end of the year if possible!

Thank you ^__^

It's really hard to wait...

Don't worry, we're working really hard to make sure we get it out ASAP :D

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<3 <3 <3  \( *3*)/ !!! I think I'm in love.

Are there any plans for a linux version and/or gamepad support in future?


I'm not sure about Linux,  but since there's an option for it in the engine we're using, we could definitely deploy a Linux version! Gamepad is already supported! I've played it with a Logitech controller myself :]

And even if there wasn't gamepad support. There's always the Joycons!

Very true!

Is there an easy way to discover those non existant tiles you can walk across? I just have to guess to find them

In the full game, you'll get a partner that'll let you see where the "invisible" tiles are <:

There's a preview of this skill in action on the blog, as seen here:


This may be a stupid question but I'll ask anyway. How do I get that moth partner? It's really cute :3

Btw, cool game I hope to play the full version in the future!~

The moth partner isn't available in this demo, but the next one we'll release, you should be able to get them.

And thank you, we're glad you're liking it!

Love the game! I've done pretty much everything there is to be done in the demo (including getting all the belts, which was difficult) and I'm really looking forward to the full game. Until then, I'll just continue power-leveling my group and do a bunch of fishing :p

Glad you're having fun! 

Fish to your heart's content, ha ha!

Hey! This game is really cute, and I've dug what I've played so far. It's reminiscent of my early Pokemon days, where everything in those games was new, unique, intriguing, and amazing. Not to mention cute.

But, for some reason, I can't seem to save the game. Pressing enter on a save file doesn't work, pressing z doesn't..I really don't know what I'm doing wrong. If this isn't a bug of some kind, maybe including an in-game tutorial about the basics like this would be nice in the future. ><;

Aww, thank you! A lot of people seem to compare it to Pokémon and I feel like that's on the ball since Pokémon was definitely a big inspiration. We're glad you're liking it so far.

As for the saving issue, did you make sure to unpack the zip file? The game can't save unless it's extracted out of the zip file.

You're welcome! :3 It's amazing that this is a demo, so you both should really feel proud that you made this.

And I extracted the game out of it's zip file, but I still just get a buzzing, error noise whenever I try to hit the enter or z key to save on a save file.

Hmm, make sure the directory it's in doesn't contain any weird characters. Try renaming the folder to just "HEARTBEAT" and move it to the desktop, then try and see if it works.

Also thank you for your kind words! We'll do our best!

The chest right near Shep at the beginning of the Solburg Tunnel dungeon … is it for show? I have NO IDEA how I'm supposed to reach it!

You can use a certain party member's ability to get to it!

Aha! I didn't have that character yet, which is why I was confused!

... Uh, what about that chest in Sunwich?

Is Agi = Dodge and Luck = Crits?

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Agility is what determines when everyone attacks each turn and Luck determines how well they can inflict and recover from status ailments.

Also thrown items do damage based on the Luck stat.

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Thanks for the info! Looking forward to the full game, just got all 5 trial tickets.


also will we be able to tranfer data from the demo to teh full game?

Yes! The devs confirmed you can transfer just fine.

i cant get the gate open somehow :s

Sorry for the late response, which gate are you referring to?

oh its ok :)

the gate to progress the story

Are you referring to the one in Corona? In order to progress, you need to swap to Klein with the Q key, and walk through the small door next to the gate.

oh thank you so much ♥ that really help ^U^

Do debuffs and the like stack? And if they do does it show when you reach the limit?

Yes, they stack, but only for 3~5 turns so I guess the limit would be about 4-ish for a turn maybe?

Pretty good demo, I have one question though, how do I fish? When I select Eve and press W in front of a mass of water, she throws the fishing rod, then I wait until the dots disappear and then the question mark appears. At that point, every single time I tried, the catch goes away, how am I supposed to reel them in? Other than that I really enjoyed it.

When the "!" shows press Z then follow what it says next. Enjoy the fishing life =D

Oh yeah, you're supposed to hit the Z key when the exclamation mark shows up. I guess it's a little confusing going from W to Z with no real explanation, so I'll be sure to change it to reel in with any button for future updates.

Thanks for the help, I appreciate it :)

Damn dude, that was good. Almost forgot I was playing a demo at times.

Also, can't help but notice that grumblr.com doesn't exist yet.

Aw, thanks! Yeah, it's lengthier than most demos, so I can understand that feeling lol. Glad you liked it!

Grumblr is either a blogging site or a hookup site for monsters. It is a mystery!

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Hello, I came from NitroRad's video. I just finished the demo, and that was one of the most charming experiences of my life, and I can't wait for the full version. My only "complaints" are what he mentioned in his video, but I agree that none of those are deal breakers at all. But I have a question, will we be able to transfer our save data from the demo to the full version? If so, how would that work?


NitroRad's videos are great! I really love his constructive criticisms in his reviews. Some people on the team are big fans, myself including. We were really grateful to have the game reviewed by him. We weren't expecting it but it was such a nice surprise.

It's so nice to hear that you liked the game! And yes, the save data can be transferred. We'll put out an explanation on how to do it when the game comes out but, basically, all you have to do is either overwrite the files from the full game onto the demo, or (easier way in my opinion) is transfer the "save" folder from the demo to the full game. We've tested it and it works just fine! So no worries there.

Oh, that's really nice to hear. I'm terrible with messing around with files and stuff by myself. So instead of overwriting the files, there will be an option in the full game that will ask if you want to transfer your save file?

Sorry if I'm misinterpreting what you're saying.

It might be too hard to write a proper save transfering program, but transferring from your current folder shouldn't be too hard. When the time comes, we'll make some gifs showing off the process to make it even easier.

Oh, alright. And you'll have the instructions written down somewhere too, right?

Of course <:

Really? Time to grind every single day up until release then. /s

I mean, well, if you do, just don't grind too much lol.

Oh! Transferring is a possibility? I wasn't gonna play before release, but in that case...!


Yep, it's been tried and tested to work!

When might this get released? I'm really looking forward to the full game!

Our aim is the end of August, but if we end up delaying it, it won't be for no more than a week or so. Right now, we're just polishing and fixing whatever we can in this time span. We're really hoping you'll enjoy the game when it comes out!

That is great to hear! I found out about the game through NitroRad's video. I loved everything I saw, aside from agreeing about his point that attack animations clash with the other graphics. But I can only guess that was because it was a demo. I'm eager to see how it looks and plays after all the polish and completion is done!

Yeah, I know several people, including myself, on the CHUMBOSOFT team are quite fond of NitroRad's reviews! We addressed the issues with the battle animations in our latest blog post. It's a valid critique, but we might not be able to implement new battle animation graphics in time for the release. The least we could do is make it match the game's resolution. And, thank you! I hope you'll have a great time playing the game when it comes out!

Ah! I just read the post. That's fair, animations like those can be quite tricky to draw! It's not a make-or-break issue for me, but I agree that at least scaling the effects resolution to match the game would make it mesh a lot better. If you do end up making unique ones later on down the road with a patch that'd be awesome! Considering the rest of the game's aesthetics, I'd love to see what could be pulled off. (Perhaps an artistic fan could even contribute to the effort if it's still proving difficult even then? I'm certain this game will earn some talented fans, if it hasn't already.)


(Maaan, if a fan did that, it'd be really cool ;;...)

So yeah, for now we're going with resizing the effects to make it to the release date. I'm probably going to end up indexing them to at least keep them from being too blurry (since they will be a smaller resolution now). I really do want to make a patch for it in the future though since it's the biggest complaint for the game right now.

Hello i only made an account so i can say:GREAT WORK! This game looks,sounds and feels amazing i have never donated to a game but i would do it for this one cause it looks so full of potential,keep up the good work i'm eager to see how this goes :3

Aww, how nice! Thank you for the compliments! As for donations, we won't be taking any right now since the game is planned on being priced at $5 with a "pay what you want" option. So if you ever want to donate, you'll be able to do so that way!

Also itch.io is a great site. I hope you have a great time here!

Hey i really dig your project any way to send you a donation ?  it won't be much but im sure anything helps

That's really nice of you! The thing is, we're planning on having the game be priced at $5 with a "pay what you want" option. You can donate that way when the game comes out <:



I'm in love  and  waiting to buy the full game  ^_^

Thank you! 

We'll keep working hard so we can release it on time!


Lovely game, will definitively buy the full release when it's finished.

Heck, would even give my money now just from the quality of the demo.

I think we're fine on keeping things free at the moment!

But thank you for the kind sentiments, that's super nice of you.

Not even considering opening it up for donations/tips, or would that give obligations you'd then have to follow?


It might make things a bit more complicated, but I'll ask the rest of the team so we can figure out a way to handle it.