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Use your old saves for extra bonuses and transfer your new save into the full game which is coming out on September 14! 

Some new things to expect from this new demo:

  • Overhauled graphics and various tweaks 
  • New music from harmonicblend
  • Brand new alchemy system
  • Moth companion with unique transformations 
  • Multiple difficulty settings with revamped balance
  • Five new tickets to collect…
  • Much, much more!


HEARTBEAT - Windows (Demo v0.20) 183 MB
Aug 31, 2018


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lost the old save data and wondering what the bonuses you will get if you transfer to the new game before I play the demo first.

Hey! uhh, idk if this is intentional or not, but my old save data is not really accessible? like, the game seems to recognize that I HAVE old data, but when I try to load it up, it just starts a new game. Just wanted to know if that was intentional or not!!!


Yeah, that's how it works, heh heh. You'll start a new game, but you'll have your tickets from the previous file and they get redeemed after the first tutorial battle! 

However, if you transfer the save from the new demo to the full game, then you pick up from where you left off ^^

gotcha, thanks!!!!!!!

I'm really excited to find all of the tickets & be able to import my save into the full version! It's a weird coincidence that the release date is Sept 14 as that's a very special anniversary date for me.  I'm taking that as a bonus sign that this game is meant to help me along my journey :) Lol sorry for leaving 2 long comments but I'm just THAT excited! <3


That's a good coincidence! I hope this means something good for you <:

And don't worry about it, my team and I really love all the kind comments we receive!

Deleted 345 days ago


Thanks, dude ^v^!