Details on Moth Partner & More!

We've got a lot of things to share with you all today! Let's kick things off with our new baby moth companion. It's up to you, the player, to decide on a name for this li'l buddy. By using DNA, your new moth friend can temporarily transform into the various Mogs you’ve met throughout your travels. On top of that, if you feed them, their base form can change giving them a different play-style as well as unique perks! 

Moving on to the graphics, the look of the overworld has been significantly updated! There will be little-to-no autotile buildings from now on. The battle HUD as well as the menu graphics have also been spruced up. Not only that, but as you can see at the top, the title screen has been overhauled quite a bit. 

Thank you to everyone for all of your patience so far. We’re deeply sorry for having to delay the game’s release, but we’re making sure to improve the game however we can with the help of all the feedback we've received. We had not taken into account the time frame for fixing things up according to the aforementioned feedback when thinking of the release date at first. 

For a better look at these changes in action, check out some GIFs on RMN's images page!


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Eeeee- Moth friend!~

Heheh, yup!

Their transformation skill will be able to fill in for party members that come and go during the main story.