Huge Update Plans!

To start things off, we have a lot of new stuff planned for HEARTBEAT going forward. We've had a few people request the option to have regular Mogs assist you in battle, currently we're putting this idea into motion by adding a huge new mechanic that will certainly be a game changer. We're very excited to see how people receive it when we unveil it at a later date. 

Also, as we've heard through questions and reviews, people have been having some trouble with the game's diction. We'd like to remedy that the best we can as to not have any more problems with players getting lost. We're going to redo all of the dialogue to make it accessible to the largest possible audience, especially for the sake of those who don't have English as their first language, which look to be a lot more players than we expected. 

Of course, with all these changes we ask for your patience as it'll take some time to implement. 

In the meantime, we're planning on releasing a hotfix for the demo to fix some of the random crashes and font issues players have been recieving, such as words not appearing properly due to color codes being loaded. 

On top of that, expect a brand new demo showing off the new content we have planned sometime in the future. The tickets will still be transferrable, but you may have to play through the early parts again. To compensate for this, we'll be giving demo players some extra tools to help them skip through the early parts faster. 

Thanks for your understanding, and enjoy this small tease for the big new upcoming feature: 


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Wow, that's a lot of additions and changes.  I have to admit I'm a little disappointed the game can't release anytime soon but I'm sure this'll improve the game too~

Could we be given an estimate - just a ballpark one - when these might be done and the game released for sale at this point?

Just waiting for my chance to stream this, really, haha~

Sorry for the late response! As for the release date, we're still unsure, but the moment we have something concrete we'll share it in an update. However, we hope that all these changes make it worth the wait.

Ahaha, it's okay. I read the update, sounds like some great changes! Yeah, the release date you originally ball-parked was definitely not accurate...  The real time-consumer with projects like these come in the refinement stages, it can take a surprising amount of time to make something not just playable but fully polished.